Ricky Boone is a professional magician who puts himself at risk for your enjoyment, even if it means finishing the show with his head on fire. And no, it wasn’t ‘part of the trick’, something went wrong and his head really caught on fire! Doesn’t that sound like a guy you would love to have in your living room? If you said, “Yes”, then you are not alone.

Ricky D. Boone

Believe it or not, this is how Ricky has been amazing audiences in Asheville, NC as well as many other cities and states across America for years. One may begin to wonder what his hobbies are? Well, I’m glad you asked. During the day he runs Magic Central magic shop.

Magic Central has been the go to brick and mortar shop for the local magicians around Asheville, NC since it opened in 1995. He also made time to help found the WNC Magic Club. A meeting of like minded people focused on helping each other reach their performance goals at any skill level.

And that’s not all that makes Ricky a remarkable person, he has risen above physical disabilities to succeed as a performer and business owner. Through it all he has been guided and strengthened by family and friends and a passion for stage magic and humor.


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